Witte Engineered Gases & Cryogenics

Strategy as Buyers Agent for Purchasing Gases and Cryogenics

As part of your team, Witte Engineered Gases and Cryogenics can provide consulting for buying industrial gases. For years the industry has had standard methods of how they want to sell cryogenics and gases to you. Analogous to a real estate buyers agent, we can provide you cost saving advice on purchasing these products. Rather than accepting the standard way product is sold, there are some excellent strategies (both long and short term) we have developed, that will provide significant savings for you. We can provide this service for a portion of any savings achieved. So, a win for you is also a win for us, a very different strategy from that used today.
Let us become your buying agent for:
1. Contract Pricing Structure, and Terms
2. Supply and Use Equipment
3. Internal Design

Contract Pricing, Structure and Terms

Contract Pricing

Every gas company will work towards maximizing their price. This is done through analyzing their costs, which include manufacturing plants, distribution, overhead costs, maintenance, and installed equipment costs and then applying an internal rate of return. There are savings to be found in every area, if reviewed with the buyers savings in mind.
In addition, the local markets will affect pricing. If a higher price can be had due to localized condition, the companies will increase pricing to maximize their profits.
As part of your team, we will be working in all areas to minimize your costs and increase your profits.

Contract Structure

The contracts provide by the gas companies are not structured for your benefit but for theirs. As part of your team we can review your contracts to assure they are in your benefit. There are many contract strategies employed that will increase your costs in the long and the short term leaving you feeling powerless. AS part of your team we can make sure your contracts are in your favor.

Contract Term

The term or length of your contract can affect your pricing and your internal business strategy. As part of your team we can advise you on the best contract length or term for you. Many factors effect this decision. We can help clarify the best strategy for you!

Supply and Use Equipment

Buying cryogenic and gas equipment is very specialized, whether it is the supply equipment, internal distribution equipment, or the end use equipment. We can work with you to develop the best strategy based on your needs and how to purchase or lease this equipment. This decision has both long short term implications on your company costs. The industrial gas companies are interested in their profit not yours. As part of your team, Witte Engineered Gases and Cryogenics is concerned with your profit.

Internal Design

Most companies stop at the end of the “Supply Equipment” or the equipment used to store the product delivered. As part of your team, we are interested in all aspects of the cryogenic or gaseous supply systems. We can advise you on the best equipment to buy, the best way to buy it, assure it is the most efficient system. Even if you already have equipment installed, we can review it to assure that it is maximized for you.

We want to be part of your team in every aspect of your industrial gas and cryogenics needs.