Witte Engineered Gases & Cryogenics

Training Programs

Training -These programs will raise your employees’ awareness of hazards, handling safeguards and best practices for handling cryogenics and industrial gases. These can be customized training for your system and employees. We have training programs for:

Safety Programs for Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Helium, Hydrogen CO2, and CO That Include:

a. Properties of gases
b. Hazards of each type of gas
c. Managing hazards associated with gaseous systems
d. Locating systems
e. Codes and Standards of industrial and cryogenic gas systems
f. Normal Operation standards for gaseous systems
g. Abnormal conditions that may occur when handling gases
h. Emergency Response in dangerous systems
Training for Industrial Gases
a. Ideal Gas Law
b. Product Purity
c. Gaseous Storage
d. Cryogenic Liquid storage - Tank Circuits, Dynamics, Heat Leak
e. Cryogenic Pump Systems, both reciprocating and centrifugal
f. Blenders
g. Codes and Standards for Cryogens and Gases
h. Piping fundamentals
i. Valve Theory and operation
j. Oxygen System Design
k. First Filling a Cryogenic Vessel
l. Medium Pressure Systems (Non Pumping)
m. Proper Purging Techniques