Witte Engineered Gases & Cryogenics

In-Depth Descriptions & Examples

Real Life Applications

Case Study – Siting and Protection of Existing System
At one location, argon was incorrectly placed indoors in a shipping container. The employees were not protected from the danger of asphyxiation. Argon is odorless, colorless, and more dense than air. Over time, the container vented product, as all cryogenic containers will eventually do. The container should not have been placed in doors. Three people died as a result of this incident. Siting a system requires knowledge of the appropriate codes and standards, as well as the physical properties of the product. We can provide this expertise.

Case study -Proper purging techniques
Flammable natural gas was used to purge air from a pipeline. The natural gas ignited as left the pipeline causing an explosion and fire. If proper purging techniques had been used and the gas vented to a safe location, this could have been avoided. This resulted in a new NFPA document, NFPA 56 as a result. Purging techniques vary in time and cost depending on the location and products being purged. As part of our service, we can advise you how to safely and efficiently purge your pipeline.

Case Study - Managing Vacuum
A customer’s liquid nitrogen usage had increased dramatically with no change in their operation. After review of their system, it was determined that portions of the supply system had lost vacuum integrity. After recommended repair, the nitrogen consumption returned to the normal levels. We can review equipment for proper vacuums and recommend procedures on maintaining vacuum.